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Do you find yourself browsing through online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon and thinking to yourself; “I could totally do this!”? If you’re eager to start your own ecommerce business, we understand how daunting it may seem to write a proper business plan.

Fortunately, with BigCommerce shopping cart development services, you can launch your own online store without breaking a sweat; This easy-to-use platform offers an impressive array of features, and the best part? You can sign up for free!

E-commerce is expected to generate $476 billion in sales in the United States by 2024, with 43% of all shoppers using the Internet and social networks to research products before purchasing.

Regardless of education level or work history, anyone can launch, establish, and grow a successful online venture today. 

We’re here to help guide you through the process. With our step-by-step primer, we’ll show you exactly how to write an effective business plan for your ecommerce store and how to create your online business with Bigcommerce development services.

Why Choose BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers the simplest onboarding procedure.

Compared to other platforms, BigCommerce’s onboarding procedure is the simplest. 

Launching any eCommerce website is now simpler than ever, thanks to the setup process’s simplicity, ease of use, and speed. 

With BigCommerce design services from dedicated and professional experts, creating an eCommerce store is simple and does not require technical expertise. 

One can build a conventional and fully working eCommerce website using the platform’s capabilities and resources. 

The Help Centre also has many written and video tips and articles to assist newcomers with the setup procedure.

Professional-level management of your clients, orders, and products

BigCommerce offers the most user-friendly dashboard for managing products, orders, and returns and a simple interface.

It offers advanced filtering options for brands, categories, reviews, pricing, etc., to your customers. 

You can quickly access as well as manage your products on the fly thanks to features like the “Quick Search Bar.”

With the BigCommerce platform, managing large numbers of customers is simple as pie. 

Based on price, promotions, and product access, the customer-centric platform enables you to divide your clients into various customer groups and curate store content specifically for each group.

Track the Purchasing Decisions

Like navigating in the dark without a torch, running a business without understanding what your consumers think is impossible. BigCommerce offers means to continuously monitor and follow the purchasing patterns of your target audience, acting as your candle in the night.

As a result, you can modify your goods and services to satisfy their changing needs. With BigCommerce, you can also ask for user feedback and enhance the features of your website or company that will eventually satisfy your clients’ needs.

24/7 Bigcommerce Support

One of the friendliest customer support teams is available on the BigCommerce platform, and they will do anything in their power to make things happen for you.

Prompt assistance is more important than the enticing features when you require urgent assistance. 

The following are some benefits of BigCommerce’s customer support:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Dedicated expert support
  • Express routing for enterprise customers
  • 24/7 access to the support team

BigCommerce provides coaching, training, and instructional help for businesses of all sizes in addition to these support features.

Steps to Launching a Profitable eCommerce Store with BigCommerce

Step1: The Right Plan for Your Business – BigCommerce Essentials vs Enterprise

As a business owner, you know the importance of selecting the right pricing plan to meet your unique needs. BigCommerce understands this, too, and offers two different plans: 

  • Essentials
  • Enterprise.

BigCommerce Enterprise

This plan is ideal for large businesses growing fast and needing advanced and scalable features. The best part is that Enterprise offers specialized support so that businesses can achieve their full potential.

One of the best parts of an Enterprise is its capacity to handle high volumes of traffic and transactions easily. So whether you’re experiencing rapid growth or planning for the future, Enterprise can handle it.

Since every business is different, pricing is determined based on specific needs. But don’t worry; you can request a demo and a quote to ensure you get the right price. Depending on factors like business size, specific features, and unique requirements, monthly plans can range anywhere from $400 to $20,000.

BigCommerce Essentials

Small to midsize businesses who need a straightforward yet capable eCommerce solution should consider BigCommerce Essentials.

  • BigCommerce Essentials allows people with less technical expertise to use it because of its user-friendly interface and streamlined setup procedure.
  • It provides basic marketing tools, responsive themes, and key eCommerce capabilities like product management.
  • BigCommerce Essentials offers affordable price packages designed for smaller enterprises on a tighter budget.
  • Essentials users still need to receive dedicated account management or priority help, but they have access to community forums and basic support.

BigCommerce Essentials is available for as little as $29, and you can try it out for 15 days before buying.

Step2: Design & Improve Your Site Content

By choosing a good BigCommerce theme in setting up a BigCommerce store, you’ll start to improve the appearance and usability of your online shop. 

If you are confused about designing parts and find it difficult to choose from a wide variety of options, it is best to consult BigCommerce web designers as they will assist you and help you finalize the best theme.

Personalize Your Website

When you’ve selected your perfect theme, BigCommerce store design intuitive tools make customizing a breeze. Navigate to “Storefront” on your dashboard and select “My Themes” to access the Page Builder. Here, you can tailor your website’s appearance to your preferences. Adjust the color scheme, font size, homepage product display, and more without breaking a sweat.

Tailor Theme Styles

Revamp your website’s appearance by clicking the color palette icon below the Widgets and Layers section. Use this feature to adjust key features such as fonts, headers, footers, navigation menus, and logos. Impress your customers with an alluring and consistent brand identity using this comprehensive style editing tool.

Add Content Pages

Head to “Storefront” and select “Website” to open up the View Sites page, where you can create and manage web pages. Hit the “Create Website” button and get crafting! Generate informative content to showcase your brand, such as an About Us page or a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Thanks to BigCommerce’s flexible framework, creating and managing content for your website has always been challenging.

Interact with Your Visitors

Want to engage with your visitors more effectively? Enable the option to allow visitors to submit questions or comments via the Contact Form during the website’s creation process. After that, provide relevant information and messages in the Page Body section, and watch the conversation start flowing!

Step 3: Add Products

  • In the control panel, create products.
  • Products can be added via bulk CSV processing.
  • Make API calls for creating products.
  • Product migration from a different BigCommerce shop or another platform

Control Panel

Adding products to your BigCommerce store is made simple by creating them in the control panel. Enter all the product attributes on the Add Product page by going to Products > Add.

import CSV

The best way to add numerous products simultaneously is by importing them using a CSV spreadsheet. You can create and modify goods in bulk in this manner. 

Via API requests

This advanced approach to swiftly adding products to your catalog requires familiarity with the BigCommerce store development APIs. You can add data to all product fields and establish categories with various properties, among other things, by creating products via API queries.

From a different store

You don’t need to start from scratch when you already have an eCommerce business, another BigCommerce website, or another platform. Your products can be moved using a CSV import, API calls, or apps available from the BigCommerce App Marketplace. 

Step 4: Launch your BigCommerce Store

You ultimately launch your online store by yourself or by taking help from BigCommerce agency India onces after creating your products, including payment options, configuring the delivery options, and adding payment methods. The sales tax must be established, your store profile must be created, and you must preview your store as the last stages.

Go to Store Setup > Store Profile from the dashboard. Briefly describe your store, including its name, country, email address, and phone number. This data will be displayed in your BigCommerce store’s footer.

Step 5: Do Marketing and SEO to Generate Leads

To draw in new clients and keep old ones, marketing is crucial. Due to the extreme competition in the eCommerce industry, you must engage in a thorough marketing plan that presents your brand to your target market.

Social networking is one of the best strategies to advertise your shop. Massive user bases of platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram make them ideal places to market your items. Create social media accounts for your business, interact with your followers, and share frequent updates about your items. You may also use targeted advertising to find your perfect clients.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to increase traffic to your eCommerce site. Search engine optimization makes it more straightforward for potential clients to find your business by boosting its ranking in search engine results. Start by adding relevant keywords to your website’s content, meta descriptions, and product descriptions.


An ecommerce platform offers much more than a mere product sales outlet. It serves as an online portal where businesses can curate an immersive shopping experience that establishes their brand, entices potential customers, and ultimately cultivates a following of loyal patrons. 

However, BigCommerce is not just like other drag and drop platforms, it requires knowledge, experience and understanding. Thus, if you are new and do not possess any special knowledge, it is advised to seek expert help and hire BigCommerce development company that will allow you to achieve your goals through BigCommerce Development.

Make wise choices and master the art of online store with BigCommerce web developers!

In the competitive world of eCommerce, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses looking to boost their online sales. Fortunately, BigCommerce, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, offers a wide range of apps to enhance your store’s functionality and drive revenue growth. 


Yotpo is a powerful app that enables you to leverage user-generated content and customer reviews to build trust and drive conversions. With Yotpo, you can easily collect and display customer reviews, showcase user-generated photos, and implement a robust loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases.


Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing automation platform designed specifically for eCommerce. This app allows you to create personalized email campaigns, automate abandoned cart reminders, and implement effective segmentation strategies to target customers at the right time, ultimately boosting your sales.

Google Shopping:

Google Shopping integration is a must-have for any eCommerce business. By syncing your BigCommerce store with Google Shopping, you can reach a wider audience and increase visibility for your products. With BigCommerce shopping cart development, you can showcase your products at the top of search results, driving qualified traffic to your store.


Justuno is a conversion optimization tool that helps you capture leads and increase conversions. This app allows you to create targeted pop-ups, exit-intent offers, and customizable promotions to engage visitors and encourage them to purchase. By implementing Justuno, you can effectively grow your email list and drive more sales.


For businesses offering subscription-based products, ReCharge is an essential app. This app seamlessly integrates with your BigCommerce store, enabling you to manage and optimize subscription orders easily. With ReCharge, you can offer flexible billing options, track recurring revenue, and provide a smooth customer experience.


Efficient shipping is vital for customer satisfaction. ShipStation simplifies your shipping process by consolidating orders, generating shipping labels, and automating tracking notifications. This app supports multiple carriers, allowing you to streamline your fulfillment operations and provide reliable shipping to your customers.


Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform that specializes in data-driven personalization. By integrating Klaviyo with your BigCommerce store, you can send targeted, behavior-based emails to engage customers at every stage of their journey. Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation and automation capabilities make it a valuable tool for increasing sales and customer retention.


Building customer loyalty is crucial for long-term success. LoyaltyLion offers a comprehensive loyalty program solution that rewards customers for engagement and purchases. By implementing LoyaltyLion, you can incentivize repeat purchases, increase customer lifetime value, and foster a strong brand community.


Like LoyaltyLion, Smile.io is a robust loyalty program app allowing you to create customized reward programs and referral campaigns. With Smile.io, you can encourage customers to engage with your brand, refer friends, and unlock exclusive perks, increasing sales and customer loyalty.


Upsellit specializes in conversion rate optimization through personalized upselling and cross-selling strategies. This app uses intelligent algorithms to analyze customer behavior and present targeted offers during checkout, increasing average order value and maximizing sales potential.


Hence, integrating these top 10 BigCommerce apps into your eCommerce store can significantly enhance your sales and drive business growth in 2023. Whether leveraging customer reviews with Yotpo, implementing automated marketing campaigns with Omnisend, or expanding your reach through Google Shopping, each app offers unique features to optimize your store’s performance.

Additionally, as a BigCommerce partner company, we understand the importance of a well-designed and developed eCommerce store. Our team of experts specializes in BigCommerce store development,store design, and other services tailored to meet your specific business needs. You can leverage our expertise and experience to create a high-performing BigCommerce store that maximizes your sales potential by partnering with us.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that these top-rated BigCommerce apps provide. Increase customer engagement, streamline your operations, and boost your sales with the right combination of these powerful tools. Stay ahead of the competition and make 2023 a year of remarkable success for your eCommerce business.

9ecommerce – Recognizable BigCommerce Partner

9ecommerce is proud to be an authorized partner of BigCommerce, one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the industry. As a trusted partner, we have a deep understanding of BigCommerce’s features, functionalities, and best practices, allowing us to provide top-notch services to our clients. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in BigCommerce store development, store design, and customization, ensuring that our clients’ online stores are visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions.

When you choose 9ecommerce as your authorized partner for BigCommerce, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the eCommerce landscape, allowing us to implement cutting-edge strategies and techniques that drive success for your online business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing BigCommerce store, our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your goals and deliver a tailored solution that meets your unique requirements. Trust 9ecommerce as your authorized partner for BigCommerce, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your eCommerce venture.

If you’re ready to take your BigCommerce store to the next level, contact us today to discuss your requirements and hire a trusted BigCommerce development company. With our comprehensive services and industry knowledge, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of your online business.

Remember, success in eCommerce lies in staying proactive, embracing innovation, and utilizing the right tools. By incorporating these top 10 BigCommerce apps and partnering with us, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of online retail and achieve your sales goals in 2023 and beyond.

With the changing times and the pandemic around, it’s time we change our way of working and doing business, both retail and wholesale. While there are a lot of companies and platforms offering retail business opportunities, you will find just a handful of platforms offering wholesale business solutions. A recent survey shows that more than 48% of companies are now preferring more B2B e-commerce and this number is constantly growing. Not just B2B, the trends are now setting in for the B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms, where there are no middlemen. And BigCommerce partner company helps in bringing these eCommerce solutions.

When one is looking to build or expand their eCommerce business, which is ready for anything and caters to a diverse customer base, the most crucial thing one should look out for is the ease and support available, both frontend and backend for the eCommerce store. The platform should be such that it not only helps you to design, innovate, and grow, but it should also have supporting peripheries, extensions, and tools including apps that help in streamlining the processes and boost your marketing. And, the best platform that caters to all these is BigCommerce. And to leverage this platform Hire BigCommerce development company to get the optimum output.

The future-ready platform, BigCommerce, helps you to Build, Run, and Grow your online business within no time and at a very low cost, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. It enables you to simplify the e-commerce management, drives in more online traffic with its SEO tools and strategies as well as pull in more sales along with giving you exposure to the innovative industry practices. Its 24X7 online and offline support guarantees you and your customer’s a seamless experience.

With your online store on BigCommerce, you will be able to find many apps that will undoubtedly assist you in BigCommerce store development showcasing and highlighting your products based on their strong inherent marketing elements. With this, you can efficiently develop extraordinary marketing and promotional plans for your products and services.

Hence, let’s walk you through the Top-20 marketing apps available on the BigCommerce platform that take your business to the next level.

1) S Loyalty

The S Loyalty app offers one of the utmost inclusive reward programs in the BigCommerce App Store. It works as a solid tool for creating customer loyalty and ensuring they come back time and again to shop from your store. This reward program can be entirely customized to fall in line with the matching designs and color scheme of your store. Other notable features are that rewards can be tailored and bonuses can be provided on the basis of occasion, festivals, or just for special promotions. Integrating this app into your intricate BigCommerce store design, you can pull in more sales.

2) Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a unique e-mail tool that can send personalized emails to your customers. On the basis of the personal conduct preferences of your customers’ favorite items like what they purchased and how much they usually spend. Hence, accordingly, you can design a targeted mail to be sent. The more you hit the bull’s eye in communication, the better will be the results and sales.

3) Affiliatly

Affiliatly is one of the most amazing BigCommerce apps which enables you to handle your partners and spread the news about your new products. With the affiliate links generated, you can track the website visits and click through rates. You can also customize commissions on your products and can receive immediate payments through PayPal. One of the unique features of Affiliatly is that it throws a pop-up form and encourages visitors to sign up for your affiliate programs if they are bloggers.

4) Referral Candy

Creating a Win-Win situation for all, Referral Candy makes your customer your brand ambassador. It sends a special code through an email when a customer makes a purchase. Customers can share this special code with their friends or relatives who would get a special discount on their orders and the customer gets a referral bonus. The referral is an extraordinary way of building trust and also a great way to win the trust of your potential customers.

5) Sellbrite

A multi-channel listing program, Sellbrite organizes your inventory across various sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and your store. You can track your stocks by uploading and managing them as every time there is a sale, inventory is auto-updated across all the channels without any disarray. Sellbrite keeps on adding new features making it an exciting experience for your customers. And, with BigCommerce agency India, you can easily leverage this app features and functionalities.

6) Zopim

Zopim is software that enables you to carry on live chat with your customers. It’s easy to incorporate it into your store and then you can assist your customers while they search products online. Supporting customers through live chat is an extraordinary way to serve the customers. And generally, the orders placed by customers are much bigger than the regular orders. Zopim has reasonable payment plans, and helps you save a lot. So why not integrate it in your BigCommerce store design and gain huge rewards.

7) InStockAlerts

InStockAlert is an app that sends notifications to your customers when out-of-stock products are back in stock once again. It helps in saving the deal and informs the customer about the availability of the product that the customer wants to purchase but is not available.

8) Pixelpop

Pixelpop has a great feature of pop-ups for amassing email sign-ups along with exhibiting promotional offers as and when it comes. Its integration is very simple just like the one through MailChimp. Pixelpop also includes some advanced branding tools to choose from such as theme, color, and custom design your pop-ups the way you want. The pop-ups can be used for announcements, coupon codes, and social follows. There are seven pop-up types in total to choose from.

9) Smile.io

Reward programs are very significant in the e-commerce world hence it’s critical to select the best from the options available. The Smile.io app is surely a leader for increasing your revenue through rewards as it allows you to design it in a tailor-fit manner. Smile.io is completely customizable and you can even add higher tiers to attract customers to shop more. The app offers more than 10 different reward programs including encouraging purchases, referrals, and social share.

10) JustUno

JustUno is an extraordinary app that helps build your email list and social following. On its installation, JustUno will throw a pop-up on the side of your website and when the visitor clicks it, they will get an offer for discounts or freebies subject to sharing their email address or refer to your site on any social channels.

11) LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a tool that develops an extremely advanced affiliate program that does not need advanced development skills. All your associate partners can see their earnings easily on a dashboard. You can also check out your top partners and bloggers in the LeadDyno database.

12) Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder is an app that enables the creation of trendy landing and product pages with innovative drag-and-drop technology. Though numerous page builders are available, Shogun Page Builder has excellent integration with BigCommerce and highlights the presentation pages essential for e-commerce marketing. A pre-designed page template is available for you along with a colossal library of peripheral components social buttons and countdown timers.

13) Privy

Privy is an excellent tool built for capturing and converting your entire website traffic. Privy ensures that you do not frequently use discounts and coupon codes to encourage visitors to come back to your website. As it’s built on the concept of A/B testing campaigns, it’s one of the best BigCommerce apps for enhancing the growth of your email list using tested pop-ups.

14) Clever Google Ads

Clever Google Ads transforms your advertising to the next level by the medium of remarketing and other progressions through Google ads. You can target specific customers and show them the right product on Google. Its five-step integration with BigCommerce makes it easy to handle.

15) Conversio

One of the highly advanced email marketing solutions for e-commerce websites, Conversio, not just helps to send wonderfully designed emails but also sends out receipts, follow-ups, abandoned cart information, regular newsletters, etc. It can also send out emails for customer feedback and survey or write product reviews on your website.

16) Google Shopping by Sales & Order

Google Shopping by Sales and Order automatically creates a product data feed for all the items in your store making the Google Shopping experience easier. Link and Sync this with the Google Merchant Centre account and you will get a feed dashboard about the stats coming from Google along with error reporting, Google categories, and options for alteration and modification.

17) Omnisend

Omnisend is another great marketing tool enabling amateurs to create professional-looking emails with product information and links. It has one of the most rapid emails creating processes that can send regular newsletters and automated messages, receipts, and package tracking details. When combined with an SMS automation app, it makes a very affordable yet efficient marketing platform.

18) PriceWaiter

PriceWaiter is an intriguing e-commerce app from BigCommerce. It helps negotiate better prices on undesirable stock and end-of-season items. Though completely automated, it has some manual features through which you can outlay the stocks to the buyer at the correct time. The main objective is to improve the conversion rate of unsaleable goods. PriceWaiter also reduces bounce rates as it leverages built-in A/B testing for analyzing the campaign performance. During the BigCommerce shopping cart development, you can easily integrate this feature and reap the rewards.

19) Outfy

Outfy connects your website to around 14 social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagra, LinkedIn, etc., which helps to improve the traffic on your website. You can schedule posts, product collages, animated GIFs, videos, and hashtags to reach your target segment on social sites. Your products get synced with social sites and you have a choice to select anything ranging from Instagram to Kit. Outfy practically puts your social media efforts on autopilot.

20) Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers is a splendid app that helps resolve the biggest problem of e-commerce sites: cart abandonment. When a customer leaves the shopping cart page without purchase, Exclusive Offers immediately pop-ups a message with some offers, freebies, or discounts. More importantly, it has no fixed cost but charges a minimum amount for each sale.

Hence, when you are looking to leverage any of these marketing apps into your store, you can always hire BigCommerce development company and build an optimum eCommerce store.

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In today’s competitive world, businesses are juggling to bring in more customers and looking for new ways to increase sales. However little said, BigCommerce merchants and store owners can increase their sales invariably with a few most effective eCommerce apps.

Let’s walk you through the list of must-have BigCommerce apps that can surely make a huge impact on your business. And definitely, you can Hire BigCommerce development company to get all these apps on your e-store in a wisp.

Table of Contents

  • Quantity or Add All to Cart 
  • Add On Fees or Additional Products App
  • Purchase Intervals App or Case & Pack Quantity Solution
  • Make Model Year App
  • Custom Subscription Development App
  • Filter Functionality App
  • Image Swap on Hover App
  • Product Option Grid App
  • Size Guide Application
  • Check Out

Quantity or Add All to Cart

Add All to Cart is unique and one of its kind as it helps to purchase items in bulk easily. Usually, B2C shoppers like to explore and visit product pages while the wholesale buyers just don’t like it as they are in a way looking for bulk purchases directly from the category pages. For such buyers, this app is the best bet.

It makes B2B wholesale purchasing easy and quick with the help of quantity input boxes. These quantity input boxes for each listed product on the category pages allow for quick addition of the number of items making the bulk purchase easier. Leveraging BigCommerce shopping cart development, you can easily install this app in your storefront. Hence, with this app, bulk buyers can easily add to cart multiple products just in a single order. And thus, this helps you increase your AOV (Average Order Value).


  • Enables developers and merchants to easily add or delete the number of boxes for each product on the category page
  • Beneficial for wholesalers and B2B shoppers
  • Allows shoppers to add multiple items in the shopping cart in bulks, on the same category page
  • Multiple products bulk purchase in a single order

Add On Fees or Additional Products App

For expanding the business, eCommerce stores need to add the extra charges or offer freebies like gift items in the shopping cart. Add on Fees – Additional Products add-on makes this task easier. It helps merchants to easily integrate various additional services on their product pages. It is possible to add extra things like quick delivery, customization fees, gift wrap charges, taxes, surcharge or location-based charges.

This extraordinary app allows displaying the additional charges or products in the cart summary automatically, without doing anything manually. In addition, it also shots out custom messages regarding the extra charges or freebies won in the cart before the checkout and during the payment processes. With this app, it is easy for you to set the additional fee structure on the specific products or a list of items belonging to the same category, in the backend.


  • Helps shoppers looking for customized purchasing
  • Enables shoppers to shop with additional services like shipping charges for remote areas
  • Easy to set up extra services such as personalization of orders, rush delivery, setup fees, location-based charges
  • Allows merchants to set rules for their storefront for automatic addition
  • Also allows manual inputs in real-time
  • Merchants can easily display reasons for extra charges 

Purchase Intervals App or Case & Pack Quantity Solution

Purchase Intervals App is a perfect solution to ease the complexities of eCommerce stores where both B2B and B2C processes are going on simultaneously. Various giant eCommerce stores have complex pricing systems and this app helps to ease the complexity. Particularly, when it comes to BigCommerce shop with multiple stores running with a single backend, the Case and Pack Quantity solution app allows interval purchase. During your BigCommerce store development, you can simply integrate this app.

Apparently, it allows merchants to control the quantity in cases and packs you have defined. Also, the prices per unit are dynamically displayed along with the total cost of the cart. Moreover, you can easily add prices to quantity, which helps to bring transparency in pricing building a trust factor in your customers. Additionally, the app allows your shoppers and buyers to purchase different quantities of cases and packs at specific intervals.


  • Excellent app for allowing interval purchase
  • Allows displaying a dynamic “per unit” price of particular items
  • Eases selling of products in form of cases or packs with a set quantity in a unit
  • Brings in transparency in the pricing structure 
  • Displays detailed pricing for B2C shoppers and B2B wholesalers

Make Model Year App

Layered navigation is highly beneficial for large eCommerce stores. It allows filtered search by using numerous parameters, product attributes in the industry. Hence, the search module can have 3 to 6 or more dropdown filters. Make-Model-Year app allows you to integrate the search module on categories and search pages in your store. This helps to ease the struggle of product finding and helps your buyers to find the products easily and instantly.

Which industry can most benefit from this attributes-based search app? Business domains like mechanical, electronic, electric, automobiles, or computer parts can greatly benefit by adding this search module to their BigCommerce eCommerce shop. Besides BigCommerce websites can easily improve their User interface by providing various product attribute-based searches. In addition, fashion & apparel web portals and the hospitality industry can hugely garner the advantages of layered navigation.


  • Allows addition of search box with multiple filters 
  • Enables to place modules on any page like category, brand, landing or search pages
  • Allows import of spreadsheets defining the navigation or category structure

Custom Subscription Development App

Want to allow your customers to pay in instalments, then Custom Subscription development app is a perfect tool for your BigCommerce store. It allows your buyers and shoppers to purchase one or more products and pay in small amounts. The customized payments allow your customers to pay in instalments or buy first and pay later or paying regularly within a timeframe like monthly payments.

Interestingly, with this app integrated into your BigCommerce store, you can allow your shoppers to give feedback regarding subscription plans. Furthermore, with a BigCommerce partner company, you can further customize the module. Thus, this app increases the retention rate of your customers, eventually increasing the sales graph. Hence, it helps to strategize payment plans by showcasing pricing and payment module on the product page. Overall, with the help of this app, you can easily create a personalized subscription plan on your BigCommerce storefront.


  • Helps increase customer loyalty
  • Extends customer lifetime value
  • Allows payment in instalments
  • Does not conflict with other plugins integrated with the BigCommerce store
  • Eases user experience and is compatible with BigCommerce themes
  • Easy to install various payment plans

Filter Functionality App

Give ease of search to your customers with this filter functionality over the gamut of categories on your e-store. Specific filters on products offer a better search for your customers’ favourite items. The product filter functionality enables BigCommerce buyers to find the products faster besides an excellent user experience. This functionality allows shoppers to filter products by categories, size, colours, prices or materials and various other options using the various product attributes.

Your customers can quickly search for the product they are looking for, right on the category page and save a lot of time that usually spend on traditional navigation on online shops. This application is convenient to use as it offers both the list and grid view options with a toggle. It quickly clears all the inputs once the user picks the option, and allows the next search right from the scratch without any previous recommendations. More efficiently, it also offers an instant view for products on the filter page and allows filtering there right on the spot.


  • Allows easy search for products
  • Provides fast and quick search results
  • Helps save time on traditional navigation
  • Sends shoppers directly on the product pages
  • Highly convenient for the rapidly changing shopping environment
  • Offers a quick view of the product right on the filter page
  • Provides bulk product pagination
  • Enables filtering for bulk purchase

Image Swap on Hover App

Giving your customers a special experience of physical touch and examination of products will doubtlessly increase your customer base. Usually, in online shopping, buyers are devoid of physical examination like the touch and feel of the products. However, the Image Swap on Hover showcases products in a customized way. The images of products at different angles and close up shots make a huge difference to your user experiences. It strengthens your customer’s trust when they buy the products having a completely different experience similar to the physical purchase of the product. 

This Image Swap on Hover application allows your customers to look at products in a personalized way. When the user hovers on a product image, it is swapped out with the next one by creating a toggle effect. Apparently, it offers the online shoppers more information if the images are of the same products but have variations in colours or other parameters. BigCommerce store design enables you to easily integrate this app on your storefront. Undoubtedly, Image Swap app allows merchants to place images of the same product but taken at different angles and exposing the various aspects of the same product. Similarly, you can toggle popular options for your eCommerce visitors.


  • Highly compatible with other eCommerce storefront extensions
  • Works seamlessly on huge BigCommerce themes
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive app
  • Provides Zooming facilities on products
  • Helps to display additional product images
  • Highly beneficial for fashion, accessories, jewellery and cosmetic industries
  • Offers augmented shopping experience

Product Option Grid App

With the changing time and more facilities on online shopping, customers are looking for more variants and granular filtration when buying anything online especially fashion products. Most fashion products come with multiple parameters which play significant roles in making buying decisions especially when it comes to bulk or wholesale shopping. For instance, an apparel product has a lot of variations in size (S, M, L & XL) and colors (Beige, Creme, Pink, Cherry Red & Sky Blue).

Well, to ease the shopping of wholesale or B2B buyers, showcasing the products in a grid or tabulated format with many attributes prove to be an effective solution. This app allows merchants to allocate rows of the table to color and columns to size attributes of the product on the product landing page. This helps shoppers to place orders by simply entering the quantities of pieces, packs in the table for a specific size and color. Thus, your customers can add multiple variations of a product in different quantities, as well as purchase multiple products at once using the product option grid feature in your BigCommerce storefront. Clearly, it eases and speeds up bulk buying without any complexities and confusion and with utmost accuracy.


  • Highly beneficial for bulk buyers and B2B businesses
  • Allows merchants to sell products with multiple attributes
  • Shoppers can easily buy products filtering through multiple parameters
  • Cuts down the repetition of purchase of the same product in different variants
  • The app is mobile-friendly and fully responsive
  • Ease of adding multiple products in a go
  • Consolidates product listing

Size Guide Application

With no product info or a bad product page, you may compel your online shoppers to leave the current page or product page. It can harm the shopping experience, and you may lose a customer forever. Thereby, providing the required information with details right on the product page proves to be a wise step toward achieving the best conversion rate. 

Many online stores offer a list of product attributes like sizes of products, while others have the general brand size or product-specific sizes. Fortunately, the Size Guide app offers a popup module, which brings in a list of product sizes in a contextual way. So, if a customer is clicking the size chart link, a popup will float on top of the screen with scrolling/auto-scrolling ability to select from the options of the size of the product. Undoubtedly, this new age eCommerce tool augments UX to the next level and helps in quick conversion.


  • Compatible with BigCommerce add-ons and supports all devices
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • Allows merchants to display brand size or product-specific sizes
  • Simple to manage from the back end of your BigCommerce store
  • Easy and quick installation in your BigCommerce shop
  • Helps to increase conversion ratio

Check Out

Checking out you can see that these BigCommerce applications are unique, highly effective, revenue-generating, and beneficial for new age eCommerce merchants. Whether you are looking to offer your customers a new shopping experience, or to your bulk buyers more shopping options, you are on the high end to pull in a huge conversion ratio. Bringing in the benefits, you can definitely take your business to next level. 

So, just don’t wait for others to take them all, but create a trend giving something extraordinary to your buyers. And, if looking to integrate any of the above apps or BigCommerce add-ons or plugins, then why not shout out to reputed BigCommerce agency India for creating an extra edge.

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