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Bigcommerce vs. Other E-commerce Platforms: Why Indian Entrepreneurs are Choosing Bigcommerce

Indian business owners must make a crucial choice in the ever-changing world of e-commerce platforms: which platform best meets their needs? 

Of all the options available, BigCommerce is a particularly attractive one. Its scalability, user-friendly interface, and extensive feature set have attracted a lot of interest from Indian business owners looking to start or grow an online presence. Let’s discuss the reasons why BigCommerce has become the go-to solution for Indian enterprises and its comparison with other platforms:

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that provides a cloud-based solution for selling both digital and physical products online.

As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce development services solution includes everything you need to start and run an online store.

BigCommerce is a “software as a service” cloud-based solution, which means you only need to pay a monthly subscription to use the program, which can be accessed by your mobile device or computer browser.

BigCommerce development services in India has become the ideal choice for not only startups, but for unicorns like Sony, Bulk Apothecary, Solo Stove, Skullcandy and more. Let’s look at some stats to know the reason why bigcommerce is so popular:

Why Is BigCommerce Getting Popular?

BigCommerce is a dependable and consistent eCommerce platform, as well as a prominent software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, that assists businesses of all sizes in developing, innovating, and growing their online operations.

  • In the second quarter of 2022, BigCommerce stores rose 2.6% over the previous quarter.
  • BigCommerce stores grew by 13% year on year in the second quarter of 2022.

Furthermore, the statistics show that BigCommerce supports and simplifies customization, enterprise-grade capabilities, and performance. BigCommerce grows your brand at a lower cost of ownership than other major eCommerce platforms. It is API-driven, headless ready, offers robust security and best-in-class performance, shortens replatforming time, decreases operating costs, meets crucial needs with market-leading services and partners, and so on. BigCommerce is more than simply an eCommerce website builder; it also offers great value. Its remarkable shop management capabilities help merchants stay ahead of the competition. Its native characteristics include:

  • Coupon and discount tools
  • Robust product catalog
  • Shipping options are flexible, and quotes are provided in real time. 

Reasons Why Indian Entrepreneurs are Choosing Bigcommerce

Best For B2B and B2C: 

BigCommerce’s customized B2B Edition makes it ideal for both B2B and B2C transactions. It contains convenient features including share lists, senior buyers with approval privileges, and delegated purchasing, which allows employees to log in on behalf of an organization. You can monitor, track, and pay invoices using the Invoice Portal, which also allows you to pay with ACH transfers and credit cards.

Simple Onboarding: 

Out of all the platforms, BigCommerce offers the easiest setup, which simplifies the onboarding process. It takes little time or technical knowledge to launch an eCommerce website.

The features on the platform make it easy for users to set up a fully operational online store. The Help Center supports novices during the setup process by providing written and video guidance.

Advanced Features: 

BigCommerce provides an easy-to-use dashboard for managing orders, items, and refunds. Access to items is streamlined with the Quick Search Bar. The user experience is improved by sophisticated tools like filtering, categorization, and reviews.

Customize shop details for each consumer segment based on factors like pricing, offer, or product access. Furthermore, separate stores are not necessary to provide a range of price points.

Easy Customization: 

BigCommerce is excellent at making product and page customizations quick and simple. It differs from other platforms in that it offers freely modifiable templates with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Quick modifications are made easier with bulk editing for several product categories.

BigCommerce is perfect for the growing custom products sector because it gives a variety of product alternatives. It is the best option for intricate e-commerce requirements because of its superior built-in customization features.

Suppleness & Versatility: 

BigCommerce is excellent for scalable and adaptable company expansion. Easily manage items, integrate apps, and customize designs. No restrictions apply to products or website traffic, so your online store may grow with your company without any problems. ideal for companies looking to increase their internet visibility.

SEO Capabilities: 

The success of an online store depends on SEO. An experienced BigCommerce development company in India can improve website ranking and enhance your product portfolio. Simple changes can be made to descriptions and keywords to improve internet presence. Consequently, use BigCommerce’s robust SEO capabilities to enhance your eCommerce store.

Simplified Advertising: 

BigCommerce’s integrated features make analytics and marketing easier. It provides features like gift cards, coupon codes, and email campaigns right out of the box, in contrast to other platforms that require add-ons.

Using the analytics area, keep an eye on sales, orders, conversion rates, and store performance. With the help of a dedicated and professional BigCommerce development agency in India, you can utilize the analytic features to increase sales.

Mobile Responsive:

The mobile theme refers to the fact that most people use their phones for research. This makes having a website that works on all devices, including mobile ones, essential. BigCommerce thus offers a fantastic mobile-friendly template that simplifies the navigation of your website on a mobile device.

No Cart & Buying Issues: 

Online retailers frequently deal with the problem of abandoned carts, in which customers add products but never check out, costing them sales. BigCommerce offers Abandoned Cart Recovery as a solution for this.

By identifying these carts and sending emails as a reminder, the service increases sales conversions. BigCommerce is the ideal option for your online store because of its sophisticated functionality.


Establishing an online store necessitates a number of expenses, including those for development, hosting, security, and design. But BigCommerce developer In India are more affordable because they the platform comes with pre-made templates and developers don’t have to work manually for each project.

With a little bit of modification, you can work on the current framework without paying development costs. Because of its price, BigCommerce is a wise option if you’re launching an online store.

Multi-Channel Connectivity: 

One of BigCommerce’s well-known benefits is that it lets you manage all of your store’s listings from one central spot. Its two key elements are multi-channel integration and centralized management.

Whichever package you select, BigCommerce makes it simple to connect your preferred social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

Around-the-Clock Support: 

BigCommerce has slashed wait times, and its support staff responds to your inquiry right away. You also have access to their professionals around-the-clock and can communicate with them at any moment. Any firm must thrive in this area, and BigCommerce does it exceptionally well.

Comparison of BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce Platforms:

Type of PlatformHosted SolutionHosted SolutionSelf-hosted (WordPress Plugin)
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface, easy setup and managementUser-friendly, designed for ease of useFamiliar to WordPress users, may require more technical knowledge for setup
Cost StructureMonthly subscription, transaction feesMonthly subscription, transaction feesFree plugin, costs associated with hosting, extensions & themes.
Hosting RequirementsHosted by BigCommerceHosted by ShopifyRequires WordPress hosting
Flexibility and CustomizationCustomizable, offers design and development optionsCustomizable, provides themes and appsHighly customizable with an extensive WordPress theme and plugin ecosystem
Themes and DesignOffers a variety of customizable themesHuge option for themes with customizationsExtensive library of themes and customizable designs
Payment GatewaysSupports multiple payment gatewaysSupports numerous payment gatewaysSupports various payment gateways, including WooCommerce Payments
ScalabilityScalable for small to large businessesScalable, suitable for small to large enterprisesScalable, suitable for businesses of all sizes
Learning CurveUser-friendly with available learning resourcesBeginner-friendly with tutorials and documentationFor those who are unfamiliar with WordPress, the learning curve could be more intense.
Target User BaseSuitable for a wide range of businessesSuitable for small to large businessesIdeal for WordPress users & flexible enough for all kinds of businesses


Bottom Line

BigCommerce emerges as the top choice for Indian entrepreneurs seeking an e-commerce platform. Its user-friendly interface, scalability, and extensive customization options make it ideal for businesses of all sizes. The growing presence of BigCommerce expert in India, agencies, and developers in India further enhances its appeal and accessibility in the local market.

Thus, it’s the right time to look for BigCommerce website designers in India and get your store developed. 

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