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How to choose a BigCommerce partner for your e-commerce business.

How to choose a BigCommerce partner for your eCommerce business - 9ECOMMERCE

Starting your online business or running one, an E-commerce business flourishes only when you have the most interesting Design, and attractive window which has user-friendly features and Service, So now you know BigCommerce development service is the best Developer for the development of your online business.
Now you need to select the Expert agency partner of BigCommerce, which can not only meet all your requirements but can also give you an extra edge in your business with extraordinary services. As a business company of products, you may not have all the technological know-how and hence your company will depend on the qualified agency partner of Bigcommerce web developer. So, it’s important to choose the right agency partner. Though BigCommerce itself partners with the best service providers, you need to check from your end, so that you don’t end up tying up with someone who is not a certified BigCommerce agency partner or BigCommerce web designer.

Following are some tips to ensure you select the right agency partner for your e-commerce business.

Tips to Choose the right Agency Partner

1. Google Reviews to checked –

Either you have a recommendation or you have just started to look for an agency partner, go on Google to see the details of the company. Check all reviews of the customer. Though one needs to be careful as reviews may be untrue, given by the company’s wellwishers, etc., but still, Google reviews should be taken into consideration, as it gives a lot of clarity on the functionality and genuineness of the designer company.
It helps in the segregation of companies on the basis of other customers’ reviews.

2. Agency Background information –

Agency background information is important as it will help you ascertain their capability and worthiness. For this after google review, check their credentials, licenses, experience, services, etc. To get this background check information, go on their website and social media platforms. Besides this, you can ask for this information from the company itself.
Any good company will be transparent in these matters as for them credibility is very important. And they will furnish all information to establish genuineness as an Expert Developer.

3. Deliver service on Time –

E-Commerce is a hyper-competitive business with trending sales and offers and discounts changing with the clock as well. So you need an agency which can deliver service on time or your business will be hampered with wrong timing. You will require regular assistance, hence the service provider should be prompt enough to match your timeline.
The delay in timely delivery will hamper the competitive business of e-commerce, which is based on

4. Certified BigCommerce Agency Partner

Always look for a certified BigCommerce Agency partner only as they are up to date with all the services and have technical help at their disposal. They are backed by BigCommerce, hence they are always able to serve you the best at your budget, and time and consistently serve you.
Dit Interactive is a certified BigCommerce Agency partner and has served numerous clients around the globe in the UK, USA, and Australia.

5. Tailor-made in your budget

Budget is an important factor to run any business and hence you need a partner who can customize the service for you according to your budget as well. Though if you are looking to start and run an e-commerce business, you cannot expect a low budget as the spine of e-commerce is the best software and technologies with 24/7 service, still, a good company, which has a bigger client base and all the best advance technology, will be able to customize service for you in your budget.

6. Good Agreement paper

Always go for proper paperwork before assigning any business deal or before making any payment to the partner company so that you don’t fall into any trap with an inexperienced or foul company.
A good company will not only prefer a good agreement but will have a clear format of agreement with very clear terms and conditions.

7. Resonance with your Visions

Every business is set up with a specific vision and mission in mind by the founder. Your agency partner should be able to understand your vision and mission, only then it will reflect in your business approach and it will reach your desired customers or associates. If their business values resonate with yours then it can be a great alliance in the long run. So, don’t forget to check the values, visions, and mission of the agency partner you are considering shaking hands with.

8. Quality of Work –

Always check their previous works to check the quality of work they can give you. You can also ask for a Demo presentation or ask for a trial period as well, to know the quality of work, before jumping into the final agreement.

9. Seamless Platform migration –

It is possible that you are using some other platform and running an e-commerce business but you need an upgrade for better performance and to beat the competition with more advanced services. So a good agency partner will be able to migrate the business from any platform to BigCommerce seamlessly or easily without any glitches or affecting your running business.

10. Optimized BigCommerce website –

A good agency partner has the backup of BigCommerce, hence they are able to optimize your website performance on a continuous basis with the help of the most advanced strategies, and tools, further increasing the traffic, conversions, etc, giving your revenue a good boost.

11. Good at inbound and outbound marketing –

In today’s competitive world to sustain your business, you need support for both inbound as well as outbound marketing. Your partner should be good at both services and create a platform where your marketing is done effortlessly. They should be able to customize platforms for both requirements.

12. Maintenance & Support for 24/7 –

E-commerce businesses should run without any hiccups as once a customer returns due to the non-availability of good regular and timely service, they may hardly come back. Therefore your partner should be able to technical maintenance and support 24/7, as the marketplace on en e-commerce is open 24/7. You may have a customer making a purchase or payment at any given time zone from any part of the world.
Dit Interactive is a Certified BigCommerce expert USA Agency Partner of BigCommerce and has a presence across the globe with customers being served in the UK, USA, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA. ASIA and various other places.