Reasons Why You Should Move to BigCommerce Stencil

It was sometime in October of 2015 that BigCommerce offered to its developers an early access to its Stencil theming engine.  We were quick to dive in, and since then we have been extremely impressed by what the platform has to offer.  We have spent a lot of time, and we can now proudly call ourselves BigCommerce stencil experts.  Not only have we got an invincible BigCommerce stencil design and development team, we also are spending time in continuously upgrading ourselves in the use of this platform.  Our BigCommerce stencil designer team can customize existing themes and even new develop new ones.


So, what do we love about Stencil?  What makes it different from all the other platforms that are available?  Here are some reasons that we love this theming engine:

  • Local Theme Development: BigCommerce stencil development offers a feature that makes it stand out in the crowd.  That is of local theme development.  In other words, we can work on your theme on our local computers without interrupting the live site.  Trust us; this is an absolute game changer.
  • Various Languages:  Interestingly, BigCommerce stencil development is performed in those languages that we know and love.  These include SASS/SCSS, Handlebars, YAML, etc.
  • Browser Sync:  If we had to preview changes that a BigCommerce stencil designer did, we can do that in real time across mobile, tablet, as well as desktop without having to manually load the site on different platforms.  That saves a great deal of time.

These are benefits to the developers, and that do translate to the client and their project.


If you want to add more speed to your online store and would like to add great features to the site, Stencil is just perfect for you.  Here are 5 reasons why you should switch from Blueprint to BigCommerce stencil:

  1. Responsive: You understand that over half your traffic comes to you from the mobile platform.  That means that your website should work equally well on desktop as well as mobile devices.  That’s what Stencil does for you.  The themes, available on Stencil, can showcase your services as well as products on absolutely any device.
  2. Speed:  Speed is extremely important in today’s times.  As an example, Google rates you on the basis of your page speed.  Moreover, your user interface is also defined by your page’s speed.  Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is fast so it garners customer trust and conversion.  Stencil makes use of modern standards and conventions.  Under these systems, only that element of the web page is loaded that has been requested.  Previously, everything used to be loaded and hid in Blueprint.  Hence, Stencil is much more efficient.
  3. Faster Development:  It is important for you to reduce your store’s time to market.  You need to enter the market before your competitors do.  That’s what Stencil offers.  Developers have the ability to work on the site locally, while still making use of actual product data as well as images.  All of this is done without disrupting the live store.  Moreover, a preview of the changes can also be seen before making them leave.  This makes the process more streamlined and faster.
  4. Flexibility:  Stencil provides templates that are logic based.  This makes it easy to manipulate store data.  This makes it possible for you to append features as well as customizations that were previously not possible.
  5. Features and Storefront Editor:  Stencil makes it easy for you to customize and manage your storefront features like fonts, colors, items displayed, etc.  You don’t need any coding experience for the same.

If you need more information about Stencil, you can contact an experienced and qualified BigCommerce stencil developer.