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20 Apps To Supercharge Your BigCommerce Marketing

20 Apps To Supercharge Your BigCommerce Marketing - 9eCommrce

With the changing times and the pandemic around, it’s time we change our way of working and doing business, both retail and wholesale. While there are a lot of companies and platforms offering retail business opportunities, you will find just a handful of platforms offering wholesale business solutions. A recent survey shows that more than 48% of companies are now preferring more B2B e-commerce and this number is constantly growing. Not just B2B, the trends are now setting in for the B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms, where there are no middlemen. And BigCommerce development company in India helps in bringing these eCommerce solutions.

When one is looking to build or expand their eCommerce business, which is ready for anything and caters to a diverse customer base, the most crucial thing one should look out for is the ease and support available, both frontend and backend for the eCommerce store. The platform should be such that it not only helps you to design, innovate, and grow, but it should also have supporting peripheries, extensions, and tools including apps that help in streamlining the processes and boost your marketing. And, the best platform that caters to all these is BigCommerce. And to leverage this platform Hire BigCommerce development service company in India to get the optimum output.

The future-ready platform, BigCommerce web development service in India, helps you to Build, Run, and Grow your online business within no time and at a very low cost, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. It enables you to simplify the e-commerce management, drives in more online traffic with its SEO tools and strategies as well as pull in more sales along with giving you exposure to the innovative industry practices. Its 24X7 online and offline support guarantees you and your customer’s a seamless experience.

With your online store on BigCommerce, you will be able to find many apps that will undoubtedly assist you in BigCommerce store development showcasing and highlighting your products based on their strong inherent marketing elements. With this, you can efficiently develop extraordinary marketing and promotional plans for your products and services.

Hence, let’s walk you through the Top-20 marketing apps available on the BigCommerce platform that take your business to the next level.

1) S Loyalty

The S Loyalty app offers one of the utmost inclusive reward programs in the BigCommerce App Store. It works as a solid tool for creating customer loyalty and ensuring they come back time and again to shop from your store. This reward program can be entirely customized to fall in line with the matching designs and color scheme of your store. Other notable features are that rewards can be tailored and bonuses can be provided on the basis of occasion, festivals, or just for special promotions. Integrating this app into your intricate BigCommerce development agency in India, you can pull in more sales.

2) Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a unique e-mail tool that can send personalized emails to your customers. On the basis of the personal conduct preferences of your customers’ favorite items like what they purchased and how much they usually spend. Hence, accordingly, you can design a targeted mail to be sent. The more you hit the bull’s eye in communication, the better will be the results and sales.

3) Affiliatly

Affiliatly is one of the most amazing BigCommerce apps which enables you to handle your partners and spread the news about your new products. With the affiliate links generated, you can track the website visits and click through rates. You can also customize commissions on your products and can receive immediate payments through PayPal. One of the unique features of Affiliatly is that it throws a pop-up form and encourages visitors to sign up for your affiliate programs if they are bloggers.

4) Referral Candy

Creating a Win-Win situation for all, Referral Candy makes your customer your brand ambassador. It sends a special code through an email when a customer makes a purchase. Customers can share this special code with their friends or relatives who would get a special discount on their orders and the customer gets a referral bonus. The referral is an extraordinary way of building trust and also a great way to win the trust of your potential customers.

5) Sellbrite

A multi-channel listing program, Sellbrite organizes your inventory across various sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and your store. You can track your stocks by uploading and managing them as every time there is a sale, inventory is auto-updated across all the channels without any disarray. Sellbrite keeps on adding new features making it an exciting experience for your customers. And, with BigCommerce development agency in India, you can easily leverage this app features and functionalities.

6) Zopim

Zopim is software that enables you to carry on live chat with your customers. It’s easy to incorporate it into your store and then you can assist your customers while they search products online. Supporting customers through live chat is an extraordinary way to serve the customers. And generally, the orders placed by customers are much bigger than the regular orders. Zopim has reasonable payment plans, and helps you save a lot. So why not integrate it in your BigCommerce store design and gain huge rewards.

7) InStockAlerts

InStockAlert is an app that sends notifications to your customers when out-of-stock products are back in stock once again. It helps in saving the deal and informs the customer about the availability of the product that the customer wants to purchase but is not available.

8) Pixelpop

Pixelpop has a great feature of pop-ups for amassing email sign-ups along with exhibiting promotional offers as and when it comes. Its integration is very simple just like the one through MailChimp. Pixelpop also includes some advanced branding tools to choose from such as theme, color, and custom design your pop-ups the way you want. The pop-ups can be used for announcements, coupon codes, and social follows. There are seven pop-up types in total to choose from BigCommerce development company in India, you can easily leverage this app features and functionalities.

9) Smile.io

Reward programs are very significant in the e-commerce world hence it’s critical to select the best from the options available. The Smile.io app is surely a leader for increasing your revenue through rewards as it allows you to design it in a tailor-fit manner. Smile.io is completely customizable and you can even add higher tiers to attract customers to shop more. The app offers more than 10 different reward programs including encouraging purchases, referrals, and social share.

10) JustUno

JustUno is an extraordinary app that helps build your email list and social following. On its installation, JustUno will throw a pop-up on the side of your website and when the visitor clicks it, they will get an offer for discounts or freebies subject to sharing their email address or refer to your site on any social channels.

11) LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a tool that develops an extremely advanced affiliate program that does not need advanced Bigcommerce development service skills. All your associate partners can see their earnings easily on a dashboard. You can also check out your top partners and bloggers in the LeadDyno database.

12) Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder is an app that enables the creation of trendy landing and product pages with innovative drag-and-drop technology. Though numerous page builders are available, Shogun Page Builder has excellent integration with BigCommerce and highlights the presentation pages essential for e-commerce marketing. A pre-designed page template is available for you along with a colossal library of peripheral components social buttons and countdown timers.

13) Privy

Privy is an excellent tool built for capturing and converting your entire website traffic. Privy ensures that you do not frequently use discounts and coupon codes to encourage visitors to come back to your website. As it’s built on the concept of A/B testing campaigns, it’s one of the best BigCommerce apps for enhancing the growth of your email list using tested pop-ups.

14) Clever Google Ads

Clever Google Ads transforms your advertising to the next level by the medium of remarketing and other progressions through Google ads. You can target specific customers and show them the right product on Google. Its five-step integration with BigCommerce makes it easy to handle.

15) Conversio

One of the highly advanced email marketing solutions for e-commerce websites, Conversio, not just helps to send wonderfully designed emails but also sends out receipts, follow-ups, abandoned cart information, regular newsletters, etc. It can also send out emails for customer feedback and survey or write product reviews on your website.

16) Google Shopping by Sales & Order

Google Shopping by Sales and Order automatically creates a product data feed for all the items in your store making the Google Shopping experience easier. Link and Sync this with the Google Merchant Centre account and you will get a feed dashboard about the stats coming from Google along with error reporting, Google categories, and options for alteration and modification. with the help of Google Shopping by Sales and Order you can easily manage your Bigcommerce website development service company in India.

17) Omnisend

Omnisend is another great marketing tool enabling amateurs to create professional-looking emails with product information and links. It has one of the most rapid emails creating processes that can send regular newsletters and automated messages, receipts, and package tracking details. When combined with an SMS automation app, it makes a very affordable yet efficient marketing platform.

18) PriceWaiter

PriceWaiter is an intriguing e-commerce app from BigCommerce. It helps negotiate better prices on undesirable stock and end-of-season items. Though completely automated, it has some manual features through which you can outlay the stocks to the buyer at the correct time. The main objective is to improve the conversion rate of unsaleable goods. PriceWaiter also reduces bounce rates as it leverages built-in A/B testing for analyzing the campaign performance. During the BigCommerc development service in India, you can easily integrate this feature and reap the rewards.

19) Outfy

Outfy connects your website to around 14 social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagra, LinkedIn, etc., which helps to improve the traffic on your website. You can schedule posts, product collages, animated GIFs, videos, and hashtags to reach your target segment on social sites. Your products get synced with social sites and you have a choice to select anything ranging from Instagram to Kit. Outfy practically puts your social media efforts on autopilot.

20) Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers is a splendid app that helps resolve the biggest problem of e-commerce sites: cart abandonment. When a customer leaves the shopping cart page without purchase, Exclusive Offers immediately pop-ups a message with some offers, freebies, or discounts. More importantly, it has no fixed cost but charges a minimum amount for each sale.

Hence, when you are looking to leverage any of these marketing apps into your store, you can always hire BigCommerce development company in India and build an optimum eCommerce store.

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