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Industry: Food
Platform: Shopify



ABOUT Vajab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Vajab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to the production of high-quality herbal products, ranging from pain relief oil, herbal hair oil, beard oil, churna, tablets, malham, to syrups. Our focus lies in manufacturing traditional and simple herbal solutions that harness the natural benefits of cold-pressed oils. The key to our formulations is the use of cold-pressed oils due to their richness in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and various vitamins such as E, K, and C. These oils maintain the potent nutrients of their ingredients, offering a safe and healthy option, particularly for individuals with chronic disorders. Unlike hot-pressed oils that risk nutrient loss during processing and chemical treatments, cold-pressed oils from Vajab Healthcare aim to protect heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


Vajab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd AND 9eCommerce PARTNERSHIP
In collaboration with 9eCommerce, a reputable Shopify partner company, we have successfully developed and launched our online store. This partnership ensures a seamless integration of our herbal products into the digital marketplace, combining our expertise in traditional remedies with 9eCommerce’s proficiency in e-commerce solutions. Together, we aim to bring the benefits of our products to a broader audience, providing a convenient and accessible way for customers to experience the natural advantages of our herbal formulations


NEW CHALLENGES WITH Vajab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Vajab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, in partnership with 9eCommerce, tackled several challenges to enhance our online presence. We successfully established a development store and smoothly transferred ownership, executed meticulous Shopify theme configuration and customization, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The domain setup reflected our brand identity, creating a distinct online destination. Accurate shipping and delivery charge setup, along with robust payment methods, were prioritized for a seamless customer experience. Additionally, we customized the theme for optimal mobile performance, providing a responsive and engaging experience. With these challenges addressed, we now offer a seamless and user-friendly online platform for customers seeking our herbal solutions.