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Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Grow Online Business in 2020


2020 is here and with quarter gone it seems to be a turning point for the ecommerce industry. Seeking opportunities, small stores making their entries into the digital world, it is also crucial for these ecommerce stores to survive, emerge, sustain, and grow. But how do they achieve this, when they are naive to the online world. 

With the help of ecommerce website developers, merchants can launch estores easily and start reaching out to customers. But, with ecommerce marketing to be different from the traditional one, let us unveil here the most effective ecommerce marketing tips that help you to outrun your competitors. 

Content Marketing Strategy 

Without any concrete plan you can always end up into a pit hole. And nothing can work out. Therefore, an excellent content marketing strategy is crucial for every ecommerce business. Pen down a list of all methods or mediums you are planning to leverage to reach your potential customers. Whether it is through blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, videos or vlogs, you can simply utilize all. 

Make sure that you create a plan for a week or a month, and evaluate how content creation and distribution goes along. 

Email Marketing Campaign 

For effective marketing strategies, no doubt, email marketing is the nucleus because it remains one of the best methods for influencing your customers and persuading them to take action. Let your eCommerce web designer create enticing and amazing email templates and newsletters

No matter what, consumers always tend to open emails, even if it has little information or simple advertisements. Thus, using an email marketing campaign you can keep in contact with your customers, sharing information, and selling your products. 

Create Your Unique Content

Not to mention content is always a king when it comes to online marketing. And unique content plays a pivotal role as it always helps to create brand value. Regardless to say, great content always wins over the target audience and leads to high conversion for eCommerce. 


Today no one wants to spend money behind faceless companies. Thus, personalization is an excellent form of marketing. The idea is to brand your company using one or two people as the face of your company for giving gravity to your business.

When sending emails, address people with their names, send out videos and images of your employees, share your stories about how your company is trying to connect with the community, or how things are produced at your work unit. This also helps in giving a face to your brand. 

Contextual Marketing

Although contextual marketing has a lot of varied meanings, the real context is to use your marketing in various forms that connect with your demographics, putting the messages in the right places at the right time. 

User Generated Content

With user generated content, you never have to worry when you are running on a low budget or do not have time to invest in campaigns. User generated content is a healthy way to build connections with your customers and use the same for your brand value. HOW?

Asking your customers for reviews, feedback, or suggestions is a great way to bring in content and work on it, not only to improve your services but also to create and share stories with other potential customers. No doubt, customers’ photos, and videos are also great additions. 

Native Languages

Ecommerce stores not only look to sell items in their region but also strive to expand their boundaries by reaching out to customers all over the world. Just because you are somewhere in Africa that does not mean that you cannot sell your product to someone in Brazil where your customer only knows Portuguese. 

With the matter of fact, reach out to foreign customers with excellent translation features in your online store. Usually most eCommerce platforms like woocommerce templates and wordpress ecommerce offer translation settings, which ecommerce web developer can easily integrate so that you can reach people in other countries who don’t speak your language. 

Mobile Marketing

With 76% shoppers turning towards mobile shopping, it is obvious that you need to have your store running explicitly on Smartphone too. Off late, customers are looking more into mobile responsiveness for your store. They don’t want to browse through a different mobile friendly app store but are looking for your store that looks the same with easy browsing on hand devices. 

Thus, consider implying a responsive interface with the support of talented eCommerce website designer for your site so that your eCommerce store can easily transform for devices like tablets and smartphones. 

Local Branding and Marketing

Not required for all estores, but local branding and marketing is an inevitable ecommerce marketing plan for  online stores also having their brick and mortar stores in local areas. Working on your local branding and marketing plan, you can easily reach out to customers near your store leveraging the best of geolocation tools as well as local search engine targeting. 

Reduce Abandoned Carts

With an average cart abandonment rate being 69.57%, it is clear that most of the potential customers add products to the cart, only to drop out before they even reach out to the checkout process. 

Ecommerce web developer can easily create A/B testing and user experience testing tools that help to read your customer’s mind and their shopping behavior. Thus, utilize some of these tools and find the reason why your customers are abandoning the cart and figure out the solution behind it.

Launch Stores On Multiple Platforms

Not only in your store, but you can also sell items on other platforms. With facebook, amazon, ebay and esty opening up their gateways for small e-retailers, it is a win-win situation. eCommerce website developer can help you seamlessly launching your store on these platforms, which opens up opportunities for revenue streams and reaching out to new customers. 

This list does not end here, for ecommerce marketing strategies there is always room for addition and omission. As the technologies change, user’s browsing behavior change and customers’ tastes change, you too have to upgrade and create new plans to reach out and meet their expectations. 

The list is always growing…