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New Innovations in the Field of eCommerce


Leaders in any industry are always trying to change the way in which things are done.  These are aimed at glitches in the system that irritates the users.  eCommerce is no different.  While eCommerce and mobile commerce have picked up significantly over the last few years, there have been things that have kept users away.  Recently, though, new technology has been launched and innovations have been proposed to propel the growth of eCommerce.  In this blog, we will discuss the various new innovations and technologies that you should be aware of.  You can talk to your eCommerce web developers about these changes, and how you can implement them in your store.

STOREFRONT DIGITIZING: When you first spoke with your eCommerce website developers, you must have spoken to them about the challenges that eCommerce faces.  Your customers derive joy by shopping at a bricks and mortar store.  Therefore, bricks and mortar has still survived despite the large amount of investment that has ensued in the field of eCommerce, smartphones, and tablets.  This is where digitizing your storefront can come in handy.  There is technology that you can implement in order to simplify, personalize, and offer great convenience in using your storefront.  Your users should derive joy out of shopping online.

DATA INTEGRATION: Can anyone really deny the importance of data in any business.  New technologies have come about in the field of eCommerce and there’s been unprecedented growth.  Much of this can be credited to data integration.  You, as an online merchant, should continue to integrate data and ensure that you are abreast with your customers’ needs and requirements.

SOCIAL MEDIA PURCHASING: Social Media is a great marketing tool.  We know of so many companies that hire eCommerce web designers to develop compelling social media marketing campaigns.  However, it is no more just a source of traffic.  Social media is now translating into a platform where users can buy products.  When someone is on their social media dashboard, they would rather purchase from there instead of being directed to another website.  New purchasing options are, therefore, coming up with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  In fact, it is said that Facebook has control of over half the social sales in the world.  Moreover, a lot of Pinterest users are buying online too.  That’s where you should look for ways to sell online.  Instagram has partnered with an eCommerce platform to be able to sell multiple products through Instagram images.  Things are happening in the industry, and you need to stay abreast with it.

MOBILE WALLETS:  When you hear of the term mobile wallets, you might think that it is restricted to online purchases only.  However, mobile wallets are giving people enough reasons to buy in-store too.  These wallets are a combination of a loyalty card as well as a payment method.  Hence, people like to use them online as well as offline.  Such mobile wallets are gaining in popularity in the recent times, and you would be encouraged to take note of that.

EASY DIGITAL PAYMENT:  What are your customers most concerned about?  If some researches are to be believed, the uncertainty about online payment’s security is what concerns customers a lot.  However, digital payment tools are doing a lot for making payments easy and safe.  New types of payment vehicles are entering the market like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and more.  Shoppers are able to complete a transaction with their fingerprint or even pin.  Therefore, you need to ensure that you are offering enough options.

These are some of the top trends in the eCommerce industry.  If you are looking for eCommerce website designers & developers or need someone to evaluate your current storefront, we will be more than happy to help.  You can contact us