Improve Your Online Store’s Performance & Improve Customer Loyalty

The future of business was predicted to be eCommerce and we are in that future now. With the reach and power of the internet, business owners across the globe have moved to virtual storefronts. A well developed eCommerce site will not only attract shoppers, but also convert that visit into a sale. There are a few things that must be kept in mind and having the eCommerce web developers incorporate all or some of these is sure to help your site gain top ratings.

  1. uProdct Videos – A video highlighting the practical aspects of the products in an understated way will keep the shopper interested longer and will be good for the SEO angle as well. eCommerce website designers will know the best way around this.
  2. Keep the Site Speed Optimised – Shoppers today are spoilt for choice and any delay in the display or loading and the attention is lost along with the potential sale. eCommerce website developers can design page sizes, compress high quality images, and more to prevent this.
  3. Connect to Shoppers in their own Language – With the wide reach of internet across the globe it is good marketing to have a choice of language options. Many shoppers are put off by the English only sites. So,instead of losing out on business talk to your eCommerce web developers to add popular language options.
  4. Recommend Products based on their browsing history – You can tailor recommendations to tempt the shoppers to spend a few more minutes and dollars on the site.
  5. Make Security a Priority – Lax security has both the buyer and the site owner paying the price. Online fraud is at an all time high so it is all the more important to assure store visitors that security on your site is strong and that chances of fraud or information leak are impossible. eCommerce web designers now have access to the best tools to prevent online fraud.  Having these tools regularly update the security and eCommerce software is one way to keep the business safe.
  6. One Click Shopping – This is perfect for those online shoppers who need to buy a product and check out fast. Not only can they be transported to the buying page but if they are a repeat customer then remembering their details also reduces the check out time.
  7. Free Shipping over a certain shopping minimum – Instead of completely free shipping this strategy does encourage shoppers to increase their shopping to save on shipping and reduces any drain on profit.
  8. Free returns – This strategy eliminates hesitation that a shopper feels. By ensuring better quality pictures and product details the risks of returns can be reduced.
  9. Incentives for Signing Up – This again eliminates hesitation especially when there are incentives to be gained, the commonest is a discount on the first purchase after signing up.
  10. Loyalty Programs – Offering savings along with rewards is a great way to build a lasting relationship with a browser. Collecting points will prevent browsers from moving easily to competitor sites.
  11. Wish-list – Online Shoppers sometimes need time to think over their shortlists and a wishlist helps them to return when required. Integrating this with email helps to send reminders to these browsers to make a decision.
  12. Display testimonials – A system for testimonials is a great way to advertise your product or service and it’s now easy to integrate tweets, Pininterest pins, FB posts etc to the homepage.
  13. Keep a Section for Items on Sale – Showcasing discounted and sale products on a separate page helps browsers to shop according to their budgets as well.
  14. FAQ Page – This is a section that can really help a browser to find answers immediately, reduce hesitation because of doubts and prevent dissatisfied customers.
  15. Informative Landing Pages – We know that landing pages help convert leads, but did you know that it can also be used to direct your incoming traffic to the correct source on the website?  Hence, you should ensure that your landing page is informative and captures the reasons why your site visitors should buy from you.

These are just some tips for running an eCommerce site smoothly and can help to assure browser loyalty. The right eCommerce website designers can definitely make a huge difference to your online business venture by making efficient use of these techniques.