Top Features of eCommerce Product Pages

Experts believe that product pages are the most important part of an eCommerce website. The reason for the same is that the product page can almost work like a virtual salesperson for your products.  Not only does it provide the desired information about the products’ features, but it also pitches your product, and persuades the customers. Towards the end, it guides customers on how to purchase the product and provides good reason to the customers to close the transaction. We are eCommerce website developers and designers. Therefore, we develop and come across a complete range of powerful and robust design structures. Our team of eCommerce web designers does continuous research to see what’s working best in the industry.  Here are some features of top eCommerce pages that make them successful:

  1. Apple:  Who does not know about Apple? The company is known for coming up with innovative mobile products. However, the company displays innovation in all its endeavors. One of the examples of the same is its eCommerce page. Here are some of the impressive features of its product page:
    1. Image Gallery: This image gallery stays in a fixed position. This means that the user can either view photos or read text, and they don’t need to scroll a lot.
    2. ‘Add to Column’ section: This section is locked at the bottom of the page. This means that users can conveniently get to it when they want to complete the purchase.
    3. Product Features: The product features are very clearly laid out. This makes it easy for users to understand the products’ features. Moreover, they get the options to customize the product to suit their needs as well.
    4. What is in the box: Our eCommerce website designers are great fans of this section of the Apple website. As the name suggestions this shows all those accessories and items that come with the purchase.
  2. Amazon: Here’s another very impressive and popular website. Amazon is a big deal in the online shopping industry. There are various features that make this website tick.
    1. Design: We talked about our eCommerce website designers. Hence, we can’t help but talk about the design factor. With Amazon, the design is super neat.  It is divided into 3 column layout.
    2. Product Reviews: This is that section of the website that is dedicated to user generated content. This includes product reviews as well Q&As. All of this brings more confidence to the potential buyers.
    3. Upsells: We spoke earlier about product pages being virtual salespeople. Amazon uses that beautifully well. There is a section on the website that is focused on offer upsell choices to customers in the Also Viewed section.
  3. Target: Target is also a big name in the retail industry, especially in the North American region.  When you talk about Target’s website, there is a lot that can be talked about.
    1. Image Gallery: This image gallery is swipeable. As you might have guessed, this makes it greatly simple for users of smartphones, tablet, and other mobile devices to access the gallery.  At the same time, it works perfectly well with desktops as well.
    2. Add to Cart: All the pertinent information is put together like pricing, any discounts, promotion codes, product reviews, etc. It makes it convenient for the buyers to access all the information easily.
    3. Product Reviews and Q&A:  This is the user generated content section.

As you would have noticed, top eCommerce websites have spent substantial time in planning and executing a high quality product page. If you need eCommerce web developers for your product, contact us for a quick, no obligation quote.