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Size Guide

Compelling online shoppers to leave the current page or product page is a sin. It can distract the shopping experience, and you may lose a customer forever. Thereby, providing the required info right from the product page proves a wise step toward achieving the best conversion rate.
Many stores have a long list for a product attribute — for instance, the sizes of a product. Many products have a general brand size while many have product-specific size. The app provides a popup module with a list of product sizes in contextual ways.
So, if a customer is clicking/taps size chart link, a popup will float on the top of the screen with scrolling/auto-scrolling ability to select your choice of size of the product. It augments UX next level and helps in quick conversion.




  • The app introduces size chart on product pages easily.
  • The app displays a size chart in a popup in a non-intrusive way.
  • The app offers a configurable size chart on a Product-by-Product basis.


  • The app lets merchants display brand size or product-specific sizes.
  • The app is easy to manage from the back-end of your BigCommerce store.


  • The app can work with default BigCommerce add-ons and support all devices, as it is responsive in design.
  • The app can work only with all themes in the Stencil Framework.


  • We provide installation within one to three business days by expert developers only.
  • The app is mobile-friendly and fully responsive in design.



The app displays a size chart on product pages at convenient places and manner. It ultimately cuts the steps in conversion funnels and makes it quick.


We know each product is unique so the size of products. Thus, the app provides a product-by-product configuration interface with required attributes in it.


BigCommerce merchants can manage the front-end module right from the back-end in the merchant center. It speeds up making changes and updates without indulging into coding.